Hugs are warm
Hugs are nice
Hugs are ways
To break the ice.

If you send me a hug
You won't regret
I'll hug you back
So you can't forget!

A hug is just a way to say...
I love you in a special way,
To tell that someone special,
I care about you in every way.

When you shed a tender tear
A hug is sure to be near.
When you're trembling in fear
A hug will come from someone dear.

Wrap your arms around someone near
In your hug is the circle of life.
A new beginning to an endless day
A ray of hope to light your way.

Take a hug and pass it on
Don't save them up it can't be done.
Share them with family and friends,
Share them whenever you can.

A hug will make you "aahh"
A hug will make you "oohh"
A hug will make you smile
A hug will make you feel great.

A hug lightens up your day
A hug throws away your loads
A hug strengthens your ties
A hug makes you feel important.
author unknown

A hug is harmless
Stop! Take a break!
It only takes a little of our time
Why not share a hug?
We all need a hug, don't we?